The love for wine, and respect for the production process, led the family of George Bougiouris to create The Bougiouris Estate.

The Estate was created  in 2006, when the first vines were planted.They were mainly Greek (Malagousia, Roditis, Assyrtiko, Athiri) and also  international (Merlot) grape varieties in 25 acres situated on the slopes of Mount Cithaeron  in Erythrae of West Attica.

During the year 2013 more acres were added to the Bougiouris Estate , and along with the necessary equipment, the creation of the Winery was complete; at this point the first bottling began. Having quality always in mind, the wines of the Bougiouris Estate highlight the flavour of each variety, and the character of the land of Attica.

Until today the wines of the Bougiouris Estate are distributed to a number of Hotels, Restaurants and stores  in various locations around Greece.